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Puppets From Around the World

William offers a 45 minute evening presentation or school assembly showing puppets from around the world, including a 100 year old puppet from china and shadow puppets from Indonesia.

Burmese Dancer

From Burmese (though, now called Myanmar). She is wearing shoes, that means she's an adult.

Chinese Puppet

This puppet is over 100 years old. The Chinese believe that there are evil spirits who dwell in puppets, and if you make the puppet ugly enough, it chases the spirits away.

Fairy Tale Witch

This Witch, inspired by the story Hansel and Gretel, was carved by painter George Karr. After taking a puppet making class from William, this was his first puppet.

Raj Puppets

Raj Puppets From India, these puppets are possibly the forerunners of Punch and Judy. They went to Italy and became Punchello, then to England and became Punch.

Indonesian Shadow Puppets

There are over 90 characters in a single performances, using two types of puppets: Wayang golicks (made of wood) and Wayang kulits (made of animal skin).

Thai Horse Puppet

The tail and mane is made with human hair. The Thai also make Elephant puppets in the same style.