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About the Artist


William Walther has been a master puppeteer and artist for 30 years. He lives in central Oregon with his Doberman. He travels throughout Oregon showing his puppets at various community art festivals. He also visits schools around the state as an Artist in Residence. And no, that doesn't mean he camps out in the basement. He spends a week or so at a specific school, teaching the students puppet making, and after they are made, how to bring their puppets to life.

When he first decided to teach elementary students how to make puppets, he knew he would have to develop some other method (because kids can't run a machine!), so he started using styrofoam balls and meat trays covered in paper-mache. But, he doesn't use paper-mache like anyone else... forget visions of long strips of newspaper coated in gooey slime! He only uses very small amounts of wheat paste, and colored butcher paper (eliminating the need for paint as well).

When he isn't traveling around the state, he is in his workshop constructing puppets to sell at the next fair, and for you, his web visitors.

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