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Noah the Octopus

If you can't see the video on this page, try downloading it.

Noah is available in a wide variety of color combinations at either Large Size (12-inch) or Small Size (8-inch).

Noah the Octopus is the most versatile puppet William has ever designed and just possibly, the most versatile puppet ever designed! Noah turns into over 100 different animals, characters and things--just by how you hold it and what part of Noah you move.

This is how Noah works: Think of an animal or thing. What makes it what it is? For instance, let's take a rabbit. What is the first thing you think of on a rabbit? Probably the long ears. Try moving the fingers of Noah until you get two long looking ears over his eyes. Presto! A rabbit! Ok, you may need to try it a few more times, and then, Presto! A rabbit!

What about a walrus? I'll bet you think of two tusks, right? Right! Turn the rabbit over and you have a walrus with tusks!

Here is a partial list of what Noah turns into. Remember to look at the illustrations to help you.

Kilroy was hereOctopusMooseClamDog
Davy CrockettHermit CrabSpiderSnakeCow
Bat (baseball)Bat (alive)TurtleSharkToilet
Gingerbread ManHelicopterWalrusBigfootDonkey
Owl in TreeSpaceshipStarfish

Use your imagination, think "out-of-the-box" and good luck!