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A Collection of Fairy Tales, Volume One

This enchanting volume of original fairy tales includes seventeen never-before-published stories of dragons, princesses, wizards, and all types of magical creatures. People of all ages can discover meaningful lessons of how to live happily ever after as they read these powerful and entertaining tales, beautifully illustrated by the author himself.

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Date Published:2006, 2009 (Revised)
Format:Perfect-Bound Paperback
Page Size:7.44" x 9.68" (Crown Quarto)
Number of Pages:68

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This Book Includes...

I. The Yellow-Headed Blackbird

This story tells about how the yellow-headed blackbird common to the eastern United States got its distinctive traits. Read this story online: [PDF|HTML]

II. A New Kingdom

A prince and a princess dream of having the most beautiful castle and vegetable gardens in their realm, and begin to make their dream become a reality. But, along the way they must learn a lesson of appreciating one another and pursuing the true purpose behind their actions instead of letting their work become an end unto itself.

III. Look and See

A clam digger, a beachcomber, and a rock collector find a treasure that teaches us a moral lesson.

IV. The Flittering Butterflies

A long time ago unicorns and butterflies were the best of friends, until one day when a plague descended upon the race of unicorns...

V. To Trust

This story of an old elf, a prince, and three little girls teaches us to overcome fear and mistrust so that we can find happiness and joy in life.

VI. A Job Too Big

An old man takes on a job that seems too big for him to accomplish, but he uses his wit and wisdom to overcome the obstacles he confronts.

VII. The Old Shoes

This story considers the question of which we cherish more: Something old and familiar, or something bright and shiny.

VIII. The Rope

Three brothers are given a length of rope by a wise man, and each must decide how best to use this gift.

IX. The Letter Marriage

A prince and princess become engaged to marry by writing letters to each other, and learn that it is what is inside a person's heart that matters more than any outward flaws.

X. The Old Burro

A man sells a burro by being dishonest about its qualities, but the man who buys it values different qualities in an animal, and makes the best out of what he has been given.

XI. Shadow of Fear

The lesson of this story is not to fear the unknown.

XII. The Lights in the Sky

Once upon a time, when the world was dark and cold and all its people were hiding in candle-lit caves, three wizards roamed the earth. These wizards came across a high mountain with a great ball of light at the top, and challenged all of the humans to try to retrieve it. After many failed attempts, the humans discover that this may only accomplished by teamwork.

XIII. The Thinking Goat

A goat helps teach two people a lesson about the importance of cooperation.

XIV. The Three Sisters

Once upon a time, in a litle village, there lived a widow with three lovely daughters. A prince discovers the three beautiful young maidens, and decides to marry the one with the greatest virtues.

XV. The Marvelous Marble Rabbit

A very different rabbit enters a town of rabbits and starts out as the subject of discrimination, but after doing a kind deed for the locals, they begin to consider him as a friend and even a hero.

XVI. The Queen's Entertainer

A Queen whose husband, the King, has passed away, begins to fall in love with a court entertainer, and decides to make love and happiness a priority over appearances.

XVII. The Princess' Dragons

Once upon a time there lived a lovely princess in a room at the top of a tower surrounded by a high castle wall. The lovely princess was bothered by dragons, and sent out a decree to all knights and brave men in the kingdom to come to her rescue. The most unexpected individual manages to defeat the dragons without wielding a sword, and wins the heart of the princess.